Paper Types. All are pigment-based, archival
Characteristic Glossy Satin Standard Matte Enhanced Matte Premium Matte Canvas
Glossiness, 0 to 1010 -- very glossy7 -- somewhat glossy 2 -- fairly flat1 -- very flat1 -- very flat1 -- very flat
How black are the blacks?ExcellentExcellent Very GoodExcellentExcellentExcellent
Black/White printsUses black and gray inks to create black/white prints. Always perfect
Thickness9 mils9 mils7 mils 13 mils21.5 mils21 mils
Paper ManufacturerMcGrannHPSihlHP Legion Entrada Rag Bright 290 (a fine art, 100% cotton, Giclee paper)Legion Annastasi Canvas (poly-cotton blend)
Printer usedHP Z6100, with Vivera Archival Inks
Est. time for 1st fading, under glass, typical indoor illumination75 years 100 years120 years100+ years150 years 150 years
Water susceptibilityWater resistant, but not water-immune
Scuff susceptibilityPrints should be protected from scratches, abrasions.
GraininessNormally no graininess (from individual ink drops) is visible
Pricing$4.00 per square foot, +20% if longer than 72" $4.80 per square foot, +20% if longer than 72" $8.20 per square foot, + 20% if longer than 72" (Additional if sprayed) $9.00 per square foot ($5 minimum per print). (Additional if sprayed or mounted.)
Maximum size40.75" x 96" 34.75" x 96" 40.75" x 96" 40.75 x 72, minus mirror borders if selected
Primary disadvantageHigh gloss can produce glare if lighting is not from the sides. Medium glossiness, especially under point source or track lighting, can produce glare if lighting is not from the sides, or diffuse. 7 mils thickness is a little thinnarrower dimension limited to 34.75" Somewhat expensiveSomewhat expensive
Primary advantageExcellent color, Excellent blacks Excellent color, with less glare than glossy. Our most popular paper. Lack of gloss provides glare-free appearance in virtually all lighting conditions. Excellent matte paper. Excellent blacks, Good thickness, Very economical pricing for this quality. Glare-free, museum grade prints, a Fine Art paper. Excellent blacks. Thick canvas texture looks great, color looks great

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Because we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the easiest way to get pricing information is our Price Calculator