Accepted File Types

We accept the following:  JPG (JPEG) (except, not JPEG2000, preferably not CMYK), GIF, TIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, PDF, or BMP. We recommend sRGB color space, if you are using software which allows you to change this.

The sum of all files being uploaded at one time must not exceed 300 megabytes. In addition, PDF files must not exceed 15,000 pixels in either direction, and must be just a single page. If you use PDF, especially if you have older Adobe software, we recommend you check your file closely after transmission. PDF Caveats

You may upload up to 10 files in any single uploading operation, and do as many separate uploading operations as you wish.

JPEG (.jpg) files typically work very well. Occasionally we are asked whether a TIF (lossless) file would be better. Usually it makes no difference. The file at right is a small section (312 x 217 pixels) of a much larger file (3,620 x 8,175 pixels), saved as a "high quality" (Photoshop #12) JPEG. The image at bottom left is the same cropped image, saved as a "low quality" (Photoshop #0) JPEG, taking only 19% the disk space of the previous file.

  The image at lower right is a greatly magnified view of the low quality JPEG. Artifacts are visible which would be very unacceptable in a large print. However, that's to be expected -- that file used only 19% as much disk space as the higher quality JPEG. The original file, with the "high quality" compression, shows no degredation, and is perfectly acceptable in a large print.